Together ,
Bigger influence,we change!

Focusing, innovating and improving!



Our Vision:

Standing on the shoulder of giants, we focus on constantly innovating and improving. 

We embrace the modern ‘ craftsman spirit ’ to provide Superior quality products and services for our customers while reducing the total cost by innovation.

From China 

Found in 1988, Zhengchida Precision Machinery Co., Ltd (Jeanstar) specializes in the machining of fine metals. 

With years’ of efforts, Jeanstar grew from a small family enterprise, a simple OEM to an innovative business partner. We developed a new tungsten alloy, which broke through the limitation of traditional material that used on rotors and highly improved the performance.

To Switzerland 

In 2010, Jeanstar opened  one subsidiary in Matran, Switzerland.

Not confined by the past successes, Jeanstar launched a challenging new venture, which offers us an unique opportunity to be much closer to this prestigious watch kingdom. In collaboration with our partners in Switzerland, we offer you different types of high-quality watch components. 

Our Missions

Is to change the stigma by providing outstanding, innovative products & services via our off-line and on-line platform to:

  • Reshape the value proposition by offering great price/quality ratio products;
  • Support manufactures to develop products that meet the ‘Suisse standard’;
  • Enable innovative Swiss companies to find the right product development partners in China to achieve competitive value positioning ;



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